Alayna Loper


Thomas Panages

Wedding Party

Abby Burg


Met in 6th grade at our Sly Park field trip. Bunk mates for the week and then became forever friends in junior high when we played volleyball together. Our friendship includes MANY trips down to San Diego during the college/party years as well as Greece and Panama City, Florida! One of my oldest and best friends, I am honored to be the Maid of Honor in her wedding this past January! A friendship that will last a lifetime. <3 Lets dooooo it!!!

Sean McCallum


Sean has been my best friend since we first met in the 2nd grade. Growing up we were always hanging out and his family became an extension of my own as they always included me in family events and trips. We did everything together from spike ball wars, walky talky tag with my brothers, and some of my best memories, like catching my first fish with him. He's one of the most genuine people I know and I couldn't ask for a better friend or best man.

Michelle Luke


Nothing But Love Here!! This girl.... let me tell you about my best friend. Our relationship has been fast and furious just like the way she lives her life on a daily basis. Only knowing her for almost 6 years now she has quickly become one of my best friends and a VERY important part of the 3 muskateers. (Tommy, Michelle & Alayna) Tommy brought Michelle into my life and I thank him everyday for it. Without him, I would have never met her and oh boy how my life would been different. From reggae concerts, 2-me late nights, to being neighbors for many years to now living 1,167 miles away from each other. Our relationship continues to grow and I'm very much looking forward to her speech at the wedding. (No pressure!)

Mitchell Loper


Mitch gets a little note from each of us since he is so special!

ALAYNA: Having Mitchell as my little brother I have got to see him grow up into a very special, loving, kind, handsome man. (Most of the time) Our bond will be there for the rest of my life and I look forward to supporting him through all his exciting times in his life. He will always be my little brother. Love you Mitchy! Now you get another sibiling, a brother-in-law!

TOMMY: Adding another brother to the pack! Looking forward to many more "easy" hiking adventures and jeeping trips in our future. Thanks for being a part of our special day.

Allison Kopa


Allison and I met in high school and have kept our relationship strong throughout college, married life, and all her worldy travels without ever living in the same city. Allison is more of a sister than a friend. Her family feels like my extended family and she is always so supportive in every way possible. Even when she has to bail Abby and I out from the Holiday Inn. (oops!) We have a tradition of getitng together for pumpkin carving, easter egg dying and St. Pattys corned beef dinners every year. Looking forward to keeping these tradiditions alive in our future families! Love you girly!

Alex Panages


Alex is my mini me and my youngest brother. I helped find him a Jeep as his first car and its been a wild ride with many Jeeps since. It's never a dull moment between me and him between buying Jeeps (fixing the broken ones), building wheelers or showing up at home with a new truck or project to part out or build, its a miracle our fiances keep us around . Being able to be the godparents for his oldest boy Mason has been a great joy! Looking forward to many more years of life milestones with my brother by my side.

Jennifer Lester


Literally have known her since before I was born... 31 years strong! Having our moms be best friends has really ensured that we would be friends for life! Jenny is the life of the party and is always down for any of my crazy nights out or weird ideas. She is my country concert, Kings game, bull riding buddy for life. She was able to be there with me when I said "yes to the dress" and I know there will be a lifetime more of important times that she will be incldued in. Looking forward to this upcoming year, lets hope it's as good as 2012! (doubt it, but we can try!) haha

Richard Thomson


Richard is just one cool dude! From collecting Jordan's, ancient artifacts, coins and now his newest collection of horses, you never know what is coming next from this guy. But one thing is for sure, if I ever want to just have a few drinks or fire off a few rounds, he's my man! Thanks for being a great friend throughout the years, looking forward to many more years.

Eleni Papailias-Gomez


FRIEND!! Eleni was a frenemy turned to Bestie! I met Eleni through the church, she was the only other softball playing Greek that I knew at the time. Of course our teams were rivals and we didnt like each other. (Because thats what teenage girls do..) Thank goodness for Mani Imports, my first real job, where I got to work with Eleni every day! We quickly became friends and the laughs have not stopped since! She is my double dutch club dancing , Vegas partying, Cache obsessed, volleyball teammate, friend! Looking forward to our future stroller walks around McKinley park! haha

David Tidwell


David has been my buddy since high school. He's always been that friend to keep me in line and put life's crazy moments into perspective for me when I couldn't figure them out on my own. He's a great friend that has always been my voice of reason when I needed it most. Thanks David for being a part of my big day! You're next!

Dena Argyropoulos

With us in spirit all the way from Greece!

Dena is one of a kind! She is my cultured, insightful, artistic, beautiful, hippy dippy, go with the flow, up for anything friend! Dena and I met when we worked together at Mani Imports. We quickly became friends and nothing has changed since. She is my rock. She is always there to listen and give feedback and support when I need it most. We have so many sayings together and funny inside jokes that we can make each other laugh until we cry. From days turned into nights at Sapporo, to line dancing at Stoneys, becoming gym rats, and the cruise to Mexico, Dena is a true friend. Now that she has abandoned me, (haha jk) I get the privillage of visiting her in Greece! #hubcapsoftheworld #buns #basicbitchitemoftheyear

Anthony Panages


My middle brother that seems to only call when he has questions or needs assistnace with car troubles! It means a lot to me that you will be a part of our special day and more importantly my Koumbaro. Love you brother!

Andreya Dayton


I was there when she was born! My little cousin is such a mature, smart, sporty, beautiful young lady and I am thrilled she is going to be my Koumbara! I dont know if she knows what she is getting herself into but we are along for the ride together! "Niece-of-er" as she is loving called by the family is going to be stunning and I cant wait to one day be there at her wedding and big lifetime celebrations!

Mason Panages

Ring Bearer

Our first nephew and our godchild! The best little human I know! <3
Love you Mason
Susan Moyal